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Villa Rental DistanceTop Food & Fitness Safari

Yes, you’ll eat well a Villa Cappelli, but there’s also plenty of opportunity to stay fit while visiting. That’s why choose us as a top food and fitness safari in the world.

From running on the ancient Appian Way to our bike tours, we’ll make sure the scenery isn’t the only thing leaving you breathless.

Chosen one of 12 Ulitmate Guy Getaways by Huffington Post

PoolsideFrom motorcycle rentals, to adventure tours, to BBQing by the pool, you can see why the Huffington Post chose Villa Cappelli as one of 12 Ultimate Guy Getaways.  Click the link if to see more.


Top Awards from TripAdvisor’s FlipKey

Flipkey AwardFlipKey is the vacation rental site run by TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel website providing reviews of travel-related content.  Villa Cappelli is honFlipkey Award 2ored to be awarded as a Top Vacation Rental as well as being Rated Excellent by reviewers. To see our reviews there, click this link.

Choice Location for Second Weddings

Italian Destination WeddingWeddings can be stressful. Make it a second wedding with possibly two sets of kids and it can be even more so. This article talks about that and the advantages to hosting your wedding at Villa Cappelli.  In fact, our very first wedding at Villa Cappelli was a second wedding!


Featured on numerous podcasts

Check us out on our very own podcast Living Villa CappelliFinal Living VC 300x300


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Culinary Tour featured on Canadian TV

Villa Cappelli PastaIf you didn’t see it in our tours section, Villa Cappelli hosts culinary tours every year.  One amazing group of Canadians brought a camera crew with them.

This is the story that resulted from their stay.

 Our Bike Tour featured in The MirrorPuglia Italy Bike Tour 1

You might have read about our bike tours in our tours section. If you are looking for a guest’s perspective, here is an article from a reporter that was on one of the bike tours.


Working with Sustainable Travel International

Sustainable LogoEnjoy your stay at Villa Cappelli knowing we’ve worked with Sustainable Travel International to develop a sustainable travel mission:

At Villa Cappelli, we want to share the wonders of Italy, especially Puglia, with the world — the food, history, people and culture. We strive to show how it’s possible for everyone to enjoy what southern Italy has to offer, and with your help, leave it in better place. We aim to immerse our guests and customers in a truly authentic and amazing way of life through our products, tours, and accommodations.

Chosen as a “True Retreat”

Villa Cappelli Wine ViewUnfortunately, the link to this article recently changed to require a subscription to the Mountain Democrat. We are working to get access to the article for everyone, but if you’d like to read how Villa Cappelli is a true retreat, go ahead and subscribe.